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Every company aims to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI) and trade show events are no different. Our info-graphic After the Trade Show outlines the best techniques to remember when following up with potential clients after the trade show has ended. This is vitally important because your company wants to insure that potential clients remember your company. Attendees see and talk to a variety of people at trade show events and your company is the one that should stand out. Following up after the trade show is one of the key areas to insure successful lead generation. Many companies spend a lot of time and money to make sure the trade show they attended was successful and following up with leads will help ensure all that time wasn’t in vain.

Infographic Source on Following Up After Trade Shows

After the Trade Show Infographic

Some important statistics to remember that we outline in our info-graphic is that it takes an average of 3.5 sales calls to close a sale with a lead from an exhibition. The initial call after the exhibition should be made within the first two weeks and should be a priority. Getting out of the “I don’t want to bug them” mindset is important when trying to make contacts and gain sales because the serious attendees want to hear from you and know you remembered them.

There has been an increase in annual profits every year due to exhibition and trade shows, that increase is about 10% a year. It’s very surprising that 80% of exhibitors do not follow up on sales leads that are generated from trade shows! Imagine the increased profits if all companies implemented this strategy at every event!  A great way to find out what people think about your company is to send out a survey using social media like Facebook. This way your company can find out the best way to market to the public and the best ways to follow up with leads after the trade show. Another option that is widely used is using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies that will help get your company higher ratings on search engines by targeting specific search results.

One thing many companies do is they measure their performance after the trade show. For example how many leads turned into revenue for your company? That is an important number to measure because it allows the company to know if the trade show is a success. It also allows a company to put together a plan for the next trade show event and correct mistakes that were made so that they do not make them again.

The main thing to remember after a trade show is to contact leads and maintain the buzz that your company created at this event. This is how your company will stay ahead of the competition because people like to feel like they were made a priority. People attend trade shows to gain information about future purchases they want to make and maintaining contacts gathered at the show is important. Make the connection with the public because the people you contact are the ones that are going to buy from you! Maintaining a buzz is a successful way to turn information gatherers into repeat clients. Trade shows are the best marketing tool out there and using them wisely is paramount to the success of your company. An exhibition is a marketing tool that needs to be continued even after the trade show has ended! With our helpful tips and informative graphics we want to help ensure that your company is a success.

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  1. Kevin Davis says:

    Very well done infographic. The work definitely isn’t done after the trade show is over. There is more to a trade show than solely creating brand recognition. The goal is to convert the qualified leads.

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