Great Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

Trade shows are great events, showcasing the new products, innovation, and ambition from exhibitors all over the world. As an attendee, one of the best parts about these events is the giveaways from the big companies, to the little family operated shops.  For exhibitors, having thoughtful trade show giveaways can be a very effective marketing tool that can directly lead to success for your trade show booths.

Free Stuff for the Audience; Great Advertising for your Brand

Maybe it’s your first trade show and you’ve attended others while you were researching the process or you’ve been doing it for a while and you’re wondering if your giveaways and promotional items are truly working for your business.

Before you hand it, brand it

No matter which widget or gizmo you choose as a giveaway, it must serve its most important purpose: marketing your brand. It must be clearly associated with your brand, most easily achieved by printing your logo, tagline or company name on the giveaway products in the same manner in which you display them on your booths, literature and other company promotional and informational materials.

Giveaways that Work

One of the first considerations you face after you’ve considered the targets and costs of your giveaways is competitions. Depending on the size of a trade show, you may be facing dozens, if not hundreds of competitors. Everyone is trying to put their handout items into the right hands, or as many hands as possible.


Why not give them a place to put all their items by handing out bags? It not only provides an out-the-way-place for people to place your competitors’ giveaways, it is also a nice, broad canvas on which to list your brand, as well as provide a necessary service to attendees who will quickly run low on pocket and purse space for all the items they’ll receive at a show. Depending on the quality of the bag, it will most likely wind up being used again.

Technology and T-Shirts

Another solid idea is a T-shirt. T-shirts end up getting worn, whether by an attendee, client, his or her family member, or by someone else to which it is given. This can allow extended visibility of your brand for years to come.

Brandstand Wave touch screenSome of the most popular items lately have been electronics-related items, like smart phone accessories, such as stands or chargers; USB flash drives; touch-screen styluses; micro-fiber screen cloths; and other reusable and useful items that can carry your company or product name.

Personal Items

Another class of items surely to get used, especially during weekend events, or stashed for later in office desks is personal care items. Lip balm, lotions, hand sanitizer, nasal tissue, aspirin, etc. and even care packages that contain multiple, logoed, personal care items, are sure to be picked up and examined again, loaned out, handed off all the while spreading your message.

Office Supplies and Downloadable Content

Pens and other office supplies can also be effective. But try to make unique choices and use higher-quality products. Several vendors give out these types of products and if they are too cheap or not very useful, they are more likely to thrown away than kept.

Another unique idea that capitalizes on the integration of the World Wide Web and electronic content into our everyday lives as well in business is to offer downloadable or Web-based content like e-books or whitepapers that can be accessed and/or circulated following the conference. The key here is making the information useful enough. But it could generate leads.

Part of a larger effort

No one element of your trade show appearance is going to achieve all your objectives; giveaways are just one element for success in making an impression at an expo. Connecting with people, networking, creating effective pitches and participation in functions other than your display are all other important aspects of your appearance.

Perhaps one of the most integral pieces of a successful appearance is your popup trade show display, the first thing people see when they approach your company. That’s where Northwest Creative Imaging is here for you. We are experts in trade show booths and large format printing and we can offer you better value than anyone else on your trade show booth needs.

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