Outdoor Advertising Best Practices

There are so many ways to advertise our business or product it can be overwhelming. The ability to advertise without approaching someone or before they even step foot into your store or booth is a huge competitive advantage.  Strategic advertising will get attention and draw in customers which will only help your business grow.  Outdoor advertising can be achieved in a variety of ways, not only in style but size and portability as well.

How to choose the right outdoor advertising products

Outdoor Advertising A-FrameThe most basic and simple outdoor sign is an A frame.  Synergy outdoor sidewalk signs are super simple, lightweight, and professional.  They are a very sturdy sign and hold up in all kinds of weather.  The graphic is fade resistant.  It is a taller A frame making it more visible.  It is easy to assemble and comes in single or double sided graphics.  Apex is another A frame.  It isn’t as tall but it has no assembly or parts and that just makes it simple and user friendly.  The Signicade A Frame is a great starting point for people on a budget. Although it is plastic, it is very durable. Both the Signicade and Apex make great choices for Real Estate Agents or anyone else who need to pack up their signs daily or weekly.  The Monsoon is a huge version of an A frame but acts more like a billboard.  Its the same concept but on a larger scale.  It is just under 3 feet high and over 5 feet long but still under 25lbs.  You can still use this for a store front but would also be great at a Church, Camp, Day Care, or Athletic Clubs.

Choosing the right size

wind dancer outdoor adjustable flag poleWhen trying to reach a larger audience with outdoor signs, height is crucial. Often times smaller signs can be overlooked due to foot or car traffic or just due to its size depending on your location. Zoom Flags are an amazing and simple way to get your business name seen. Print your graphic in an eye catching color and get it above the crowd so passing cars and people walking by can always see it.  Zoom flags come in 9, 12 and 16 foot heights and come with different types of bases you can purchase depending on your need.  In that same category you can also get the Mondo flag pole which is taller and just all around solid sturdy.  It is offered in 13, 17 and 23ft heights.  The price includes a heavy duty water/sand base and the flag is meant to make a huge statement.  Wild dancer is an nice in between of the two.  The heavy duty similarities of the Mondo with the size options of the zoom. The Wild Dancer is offered in 8ft and 13 foot options.

Outdoor banner stands

Thunder Banner StandThe Thunder outdoor banner stand is a great option for store fronts.  It has perpendicular feet you lock into place, a pole and a retractable graphic the hooks into place.  The blizzard is similar in style but has a fill base, easy hook on graphic and adjustable height and width frames to keep the graphic tight and always looking nice.  The Zeppy is another competitor with easy setup but fixed dimensions with a bigger base, giving it a larger footprint, but more sturdy.  The zephyr has a similar look and style as the Zeppy but is double sided, giving it a 3D look.

There are some extreme differences and options in outdoor advertising. They can be seen in something as small, simple yet very effective with the backpack flag. The Outdoor Banner Wall is large, in your face and also effective.  A backpack flag can be great when you are walking through trade show booths, at a fair, convention or even something social like a concert.  The Outdoor Banner Wall is massive, durable and the graphics are eye-catching but still simple to set up.  8 feet by 8 feet with feet you can fill with water to keep it sturdy.

It really doesn’t matter what or where you are advertising, there are plenty of options.  Big and sturdy, can still mean easy setup and portable.  Small and simple can still mean durable and eye-catching.

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