Premium Banner Stands on Sale!

Starting today Northwest Creative Imaging is offering our lowest price ever on the Imagine, Advance, Barracuda, and Excalibur banner stands. All of these premium banner stands carry lifetime warranties and include anti-curl vinyl graphics. The sale will only last while stock is high so take advantage of this sale as quickly as possible!

BarracudaThe Barracuda banner stand is known for its high quality construction and reliable operation. There is a telescoping pole included making it easy to adjust the height of the graphic. The reinforced carrying bag that’s included will protect the banner more than a standard nylon carrying bag. Barracuda banner stands can be produced in 3 business days and can ship from either Chicago or Las Vegas. The Excalibur banner stand is the double sided version of the Barracuda. The quality of the stand is exactly the same and it also includes a lifetime warranty. The Barracuda and Excalibur are great options for any company that needs a banner stand that looks great, but will also last for years of heavy duty use. We also offer additional options for the Barracuda including lighting, hard shipping cases, and fabric graphics!

ImagineThe Imagine banner stand offers many of the same features as the Barracuda, but with one major difference, an interchangeable graphic cartridge. The Imagine is designed to quickly and easily remove the retractable cassette holding the graphic allowing it to be swapped with another in a matter of minutes. This feature is ideal for any company that does multiple conferences in a short period of time. The interchangable cartridge makes graphic replacement faster and easier than ever before. The Advance banner stand is the double sided version of the Imagine. It has two interchangable graphic cassettes making it even more versatile than the Imagine. There is a lifetime warranty on the Imagine and Advance banner stands and all vinyl graphics are printed on a no-curl substrate.

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