Best Practices For Trade Show Booth Design

You want your trade show booth to stand out from your competitors. A great product and a personable staff only comes into play if you have a booth that can capture attention. This is why trade show booth design is so essential to your success. Your design is meant to draw people to your booth. To make people passing by think, either consciously or subconsciously, “this is something I need to check out”. Without their interest, your product doesn’t have a chance.

A successful trade show display design is not all about flashing lights and loud graphics and colors. It is about clean, crisp design with a clear message. The below graphic shares a plethora of best practices you can bring into your booth design. Implement these and watch trade show attendees flock to your booth, wanting to learn more about what you have to offer. A few key points outlined in the info graphic below are very important to consider and are often forgotten. The most important trick for a booth design is designing it like a billboard, not a brochure. The display is specifically used to draw in attendees that are quickly passing by. Its important to create a clean, easy to ready graphic as opposed to a busy, information packed graphic.

Best Practices For Trade Show Booth Design

Best Practices for Trade Show Booth Design Graphic

From lighting to fonts to typography, optimizing your booth design has many components. This means putting in a lot of thought into how you present your product via your trade show booth. If you are willing to put the design work into your booth that your competitors are not, you will be set apart from the rest. That can only mean good things for your trade show appearance and your business. We have a great article about effective trade show graphic design that covers many of these topics in depth. Although trade show graphics should be simple, it can often be more challenging to design a simplistic graphic. Our articles and info graphics should help any designer in the process of create a great design!

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